The Space Between Four Hearts (Single)

by radicule.

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released March 1, 2014

Lead Vocals//Production//Lyrics - RADIcule
Background Vocals - Harrison Narcotics

Snippets from The Black Power Mixtape (1967-75) & RammEllZee 88HIPHOP Classic Interview.

Sample: Toninho Horta - Waiting for Angela

Presented to you by Roots of Society Records!




all rights reserved


radicule. New York, New York

one of the legendary mazoku . producer // graphic designer of audio + visual gold, based in New York.

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Track Name: The Space Between Four Hearts
[Monologue 1] - Unknown Street Interviewee (Black)
There ain't no future that's all that is to it!
They killed Kennedy, they killed King, they killed Evers...They killin' all the...all the people that do something for the black man, you know, that stood up for 'em!
[Monologue End]

[Verse 1]
Caught a flaccid case and that shit turned to be serious
Now I'm back from the refractory period
Sick of these high'd up rappers, spittin' off top how they got that lid.

Plantin' in listeners' heads the video lifestyle
Might become a full retard of they whole LP
Been a while since I spit that cancer, jig is up, I give a proper answer.

Claim you slang that rock, but you never seen a day of labor
A youngin' robbed at sonic speed and now you a death vendor
Pushin' dead presidents for dead presidents, man it's evident.

You coverin' up the fact you a bum on the couch with sizzurp
With mommy's money staked life flapjacks, call her the Dockhag
Finna get X'd out bub, just another rat under the rug.

Grindin' for dinero (DeNiro) so these niggas claim they got that Heat
Their bars are Flawless, but it's Showtime and they playing Hide and Seek
Perpetrating they got guap to live in a City by the Sea!

Wordplay of illusionists, claim they kingpins on Casanova
My riff reminds em of Mr. Raff, no JodyHighRolla
Indo-Germanic slang of war: R to Z leave you on hangers.

They try a cage a black MC like Ota Benga
Put ignorance on display and hope we become endangered
Cause of the white rock and 'bacco a plenty, make concrete our cemetery!

The Black Man's Wealth, your skin's the number one Purp.
Selling rock on Blanco's block, mobbed on ASAP and you'll get hurt.
A lord'll never worry if he can manage to get that Work!

Plagiarized history now we shootin' again
No guts, no galaxy so I'ma spark the Big Bang again
A new author on the corner from five, make sure you tell your friends.
[End Verse 1]

[Monologue 2] - Unknown Female Black Panther
No we're making a revolution by educating the people.
To the fact that they've made, uh, racism the primary objective that the people have to deal with.
When we, mainly have to deal with capitalism...see.
[End Monologue]

[Verse 2]
You a slave to the whips and chain-
Fuck that! Eradicate the stigma "to be a slave you must be black".
Companies got all the colors feedin' for a bit of that rock attack!

Tweeter, Instragmmer, these cats don't know how to be low
Tryna live fast, as these rollers drive-by slow.
Run you for your Jewels in interro, got jookeds (juxed) for the gold!

Upset the higher power, now there's a tear in the fuse.
Threw Veku in the mix, ya pockets fat, but a nigga still could lose.
No one above you got that juice, so automatically you above the crew.

Refuse to pay the tribute, now we going through tribulations.
Funny how niggas could stick together when we was strugglin'.
Sick the dogs and get the hoses, now we dogs and bringing the ho's in.

Respect the baby that's law
But flippin' off the overseer get you river-stomped on your jaw
Skeezers wrestle they addiction, still comin' for Monday Night Raw!

And now the profits triple since he doin' his own thang.
Got dues to pay, but a nigga be thinkin' it's an Amnesia sort of game.
The kingpin gone forget, worry 'bout all the other niggas that came.

Need a pro to call, left their heads rollin' like a couple of droids
Gave chicky poo the D2, but I'm a one time cat and that's that
Rather her kitty's null and void!

My one true Vice, not tryna hear that Noise
'Bout how a nigga'll get you murked, don't make him pull out the toys.
Fishin' for a Price on his head, get old boy hemmed up like some Corduroy.

Seen the light illuminated with pyramid optics.
Miles ahead of you Waterbugs, y'all third string options.
Long as I'm on the block, they still gone be coppin'...COPY!
[End Verse 2]

[Monologue 3] - Angela Davis
When you talk about a revolution most people think violence.
Without realizing, that...the real content of any kind of revolutionary thrust, lies in the principles and the goals that you're striving for, not in the way you reach them.
[End Monologue]

[Verse 3]
Foresaw the way it would play out a minute ago
But niggas ain't believe that I knew how Cassandra felt though!

In Stark contrast, he is holding that Iron Man
But Tetsuo niggas become the piece that they be holdin'.
Fetish for bangin', hit the courts, cats be knowin' we elbow throwin'.

Thought that we got off scott-free and everything gone work out.
Got a ticket to Pain Cave and an agent of life change.
Still we got buyers who can't even walk, without the 'caine.

Keep checkin' for his money like he a victim for FEMA
Forgot he pulled all the strings, now he lookin' like Cousin Skeeter
Robbed em for that weight, so we could Roc this Nation like Rita.

Felt no reason to split since the enforcer was just a myth.
Blood in the water, ironic, that's a tale from the crip (crypt).
Flashily promotin' glass dicks, so baby can take a dip!

Told honey to hit my jack, when she wanted to cop some black.
Used to feel winded dodgin' bullets and I don't mean Chiraq!
Hats off to Mr. Duncan, slang that Devil without paying tax.

Loyal customers really don't wanna see us dead and gone
So they empathize with the hustle.
Cause we got the pull to stock homes (Stockholm's), provide Puffy, milk em for all we can, no Honey Combs!

Soon one of the cats dealin' felt the vibe of the funky rhythm.
Fell in love with H.E.R, the Common love story and he was smitten!
Know I'm plagiarizing with the Nasty lyrics, since It Was already Written!

Was as if he found a way out
Gettin' money for beats through PayPal.
Still slangin' on the side so he could cop a meal for right now
And we gone jock (Joc) Butch, be out the crib when it's...[GOIN' DOWN]!
[End Verse 3]

[Monologue 4] - RammEllZee (R.I.P.)
Get introduced to my presence.
Lettin' em know what's the dissidence under all that decadence.
And he wants to hear out and take over the hip-hop world. (not sure of the jumbled words).
[End Monologue]